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Psychic abilities and higher consciousness: It is said that this special generation of pioneers is endowed with accelerated consciousness that will be necessary for the upcoming paradigm shift of reality. Perhaps, like the Lemurians,  they already intuit that major changes are on the way. We only have to look at the economic/financial collapses; the abuses and squandering of global resources, the deception and trickery of our political and social leaders to see the writing on the wall. Even the Vatican is under some very intense, but necessary scrutiny.

Being psychic can be confusing and disorienting in a world based on sensory perceptions alone. The Indigos are opening up to these abilities as they enter this stage of their own maturity. They are being awakened to hear the call for reclamation and working for the good of humanity, rather than the individual. And for this generation there are few  people around to try to guide them or explain the mysteries of metaphysics to them.

What is it like to be psychic? Indeed it is much like being a stranger in a strange land; it causes a sense of disassociation and alienation. It is like being connected to the All, rather than merely the self. As the psychic powers unfold, there can be leaps of consciousness; and new revelations and insights can suddenly arise in response to feeling a greater connectiveness with divinity and creativity. It is being more highly attuned to subtle underlying influences that others fail to recognize or chose to disregard. It can involve telekinesis, clairvoyance, sudden synchronicities and feelings of deja-vu. And this is a more prominent ability in the lives of the Indigos. As such, misunderstanding and confusion seem to plague this new generation, as they try to make sense of a world that seems to have no meaning, or tangible purpose. They intuit that they are different, yet the world does not want them to express their uniquess and sense of alienation. And most are inquiring about the concerns of partnership and careers in general.

In preparation for a new world order that few can imagine, the challenges these ones face are quite intense. They must shore up a sense of faith in something that has been lacking for most of them. They must learn how to develop greater resourcefulness and adaptability in a world that no longer holds much in the way of security and stability. They will have to learn how to conserve resources and switch from the current reality of consumerism and materialism to one that honors our Mother Earth. They will be pressured to be self-sustaining, adaptable and demonstrate great courage in the face of adversity. They may have to return to the barter system of market exchanges on a smaller scal; and they will have to have developed important survival skills against famines or nuclear winters. And how do they feel about all this? Here are some examples:

Case study:
"To myself am very elusive , I just can't seem to understand the war of emotions and ideas that happens to me internally ; sometimes I'm very aloof and sometimes I'm very intense ! 

 Sometimes , I say things that people don't understand , and they ask me second time so I can clearify my point. It happens a lot. In my mind whatever I'm saying makes a perfect since and clear as crystal , but when I speak the words, no one seem to understand .
I have a strong intuition and intellect and I can see what people's intentions are , which makes me retreat from them.I do believe that my extreme independence is a problem to people around me
And sometimes , things I do don't make sense even to me ! "


"I'm in college now and I'm at the point where I have to really decide on a major and what I'd like to do. There's a few things I'm somewhat interested in, but nothing that I'm really passionate about... And I find that unless I'm really into what I'm doing I either can't go through with it or am extremely unhappy doing it "

Many complain of significant interpersonal problems and feeling emotionally overwhelmed.

"I have some negative situations here to deal with such as studies impasse,emotional and psychological trauma like isolation and self-hatred,pressure from house and parents,actually they make me feel humiliated,uncomfortable."

"I am almost going through a living hell. All that I have touched has turned into dust. I am a 26 years of age. And I always wondered why the hell nobody wanta to my friend. I have spent all my life alone without any friends, can u imagine ???. That is not the only problem. The real problem is that someone , has been pulling the strings behind the scenes all my life. This person or group of people just dont want to see me alive.

"At one point I almost committed suicide. But something within me stopped me from doing it. Its been two years since my worst time of my life, and I still dont see anylight at the end of the tunnel. In the last 4 years alone I quite job7 times, and currently unemployed. Can anyone predict something and guide me out of the "deep black hole" that I am stuck in???“

regarding parents: "I feel frustrated, hostile - and it's causing me to be incredibly unhappy. I am these feelings towards my mother (I'll attach her chart to this message). For so many reasons, really. The thing is, I wouldn't mind talking to her about it - but she's not one for open feeling conversations.”

“So every time I'm with them I get really moody, and then they're all like "Oh, you're no fun!" or "Oh, you're so moody!" and then I feel even worse. It's gotten to the point where I feel like an actual outcast. They're all so different from me. It's gotten to the point where I feel like an actual outcast. They're all so different from me...I get that...the very people I am very much STUCK with, are the people who make me feel awful.

These are but a few of the comments and inquiries I have received over the past several months from young people in particular.