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Hello: my name is Kim; I was born in the prairie town of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. In early childhood I was moved to the west coast of British Columbia and raised in and around Victoria, B.C.

Due to my own inner wounding from childhood in youth, as we all do to one degree or anotherand the experiences that followed, I suffered

an ongoing struggle with chronic depression, of which I have had to rely on myself to find the ways of overcoming that condition. I am very well read and diversified in my interests and much of what I know in terms of understanding and wisdom has been self-taught. I received no university education, but did graduate with honors from high school. And indeed I have suffered much from the slings and arrows of life, personally and completely. But I am not a bitter person, no longer angry and frustrated over my fates: I have not turned against life, as many might do. I still believe in love, honor, compassion, generosity, helpfulness and being of service to others. Although I have failed a two past shorter term relationships, I am now content in a relationship that has lasted over 20 years now, despite the differences and the occasional ups and downs we experience together: I do know a thing or two about how to 'make it work.' I have had the opportunities to travel to Japan, England and Central America on different occassions in youth and the early years; this taught me a lot about the cultural differences around the world that do deserve honor and respect, despite their fanatical outcasts among them. We all have our fanatics after all. Religion-wise: I was raised under the Catholic dogma in my early years and have now been reformed and recovered; I do not believe specifically in organized religion, for that to me is but another institution that encompasses politics and economics to the detriment of a lot of individuals...just my opinion however, and I do not judge others according to their personal religious bents. I am more interested in the mysteries of life and the spiritual nature of our existence. Now my interests include gardening, writing, soap and candle making, nature, astrology, sociology, psychology and the study of the human condition. I have two grown daughters, who have had much to teach me; due to their own inner woundings and turmoils; now there are 4 wonderful grandchildren to celebrate.I try to look for happiness and blessings in life, rather than concentrating on all the bad we are forced to endure. I have my own hope and faith in my personal guides and protectors who watch over me in my daily dealings. They help me deal with the bigger stuff in life. I have learned to maintain an attitude of gratitude and thanksgiving as much as possible and I strive to honor others by thanking them for every small or seeming inoccuous act they do for me. It is quite amazing how much people appreciate a small verbal expression of thanks. I am on the verge of 60 now and I am on disability, but I still enjoy the fire and inspiration of the creative spark within me, despite my physical limitations. My mission is about serving others in selfless ways.

The other day I had the inspiration to return to my writings about various things to help others find their way through their personal darkness and begin to utilize simple straightforward guidance for 'Healing the Psyche' which I am now willing to post at my Mystik Vale personal website. These essays are designed for the general consiousness, to be easily understandable and straightforward in their approach. This underlines the process of gaining a greater understanding of the internalized blockages that keep many in a state of confusion, indecision, fear, anxiety and insecurity that are buried within the subconscious. The psyche is seat of where all that negativity is stored: as long as these things remain subconscious they will continue to manifest negative circumstantial consequences, due in large part because of misunderstanding and a lack of self-knowing. In order to understand the effects we experience, we must first identity the source of negativity and blockage we cannot understand the cause of our misery and suffering because of our own actions and subconscious, or patterned responses, which often do not fit with the current issue at hand. These are the causes of turmoil and conflict and it is our individual responses to past experiences that make it so.

This will be an attempt to raise your own consciousness and begin the process of self healing. It is not full of heavy research and factual data that serves only to confuse or mystify. Such intensified or structured systems of self-help often leave us feeling greater lack than clarity. Much of what I have to offer is based on experience, social and humanitarian observations and on intuition and personal understanding. I do apply my years of astro-logical study for guidance and wisdom although this is not intended to be a book about astrology. What I have to offer is clarity, guidance, empowerment, healing, self-direction, understanding and awareness which can ultimately open the doors to individual self-mastery. As I see it, we have the choice in life to decide whether we will play the role of victim or victor, however the masses just don't get that. People these days are too busy, distracted and lacking in the consciousness needed to see the bigger plan of a partially determined path in life. These are the symbolic messages of the planetary influences and the Universal Laws which governs over us, even moreso than the Laws of Man. These essays are free for your use and by personal request only and not part of the mainstream publishing industry. I will follow up each request with an offer to provide a true and humanistic view of what your personal astrology has to offer you, on request.

I dedicate this work to the Indigo generation, that generation of youth that will be encountering much greater challenges and changes than most of us have had to endure. I am active currently in a supportive forum, whereby I receive many personal inquiries of how to deal with their personal struggles, which are often very similar and common among their peers. This is what my new website is based upon. And so, when you are ready, then we can begin. First, an overview of the essays I will be offering:

Why is the universe continually beating up on me

What is the Psyche

Healing the Psyche

Reconnection with Divinity

Reclaiming the ideation of Love

The Mysteries of Emotions

Free will versus determinism

Understanding the connection of As within, so without.

Please feel free to inquire at any time, leaving your email address so that I may contact you personally.