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           Another Year: more challenges collectively and individuality.

                                     Welcome to 2014

Be prepared as the general trends of the past few months will continue on into the New Year and the portents are not overly promising for progress and momentum. In fact 2012 did initiate a new cycle of awakening for humanity, and this is what a paradigm shift is all about.

A turning point. A nexus. A call for a new Renaissance. New Awakenings.

A time when the re-birthing process will heat up,  as we all gain access to the Higher Consciousness; the vibrations of the Planets will draw many of us to the point of greater understanding and awareness, as our own vibrations rise up the challenges set before us.  

This is the call for REFORM AND EVOLUTIONARY TRANSFORMATION and it is all part of a long term cycle that begin in the mid 60's. Once more we are witnessing a new wave of strife, conflict and public uprisings, similar to the pressure cooker of that past time frame.

The main characters: Pluto is all about transformation and metamorphosis, but in order to realize the dream, first there must be suffering through critical events that force us to pay attention. Pluto relates to Power [including Nuclear Power], control, tyranny, oppression, terrorism, government control and things that serve to bring us to our knees in anguish and disbelief.  It is the essence of


At the SOUL LEVEL, we all must be tested through the fires of adversity and crisis, to ensure our survival and our evolution. Our mettle, our courage, our endurance and our ability to create must all be measured. through the influence of Pluto in our lives it will be determined whether we will be a Victim, or a Victor of our master Plan.

Currently this powerful energy is squaring off with the energies of Uranus: this energy is about innovation, change, independence, individuality and freedom. It is time for the Freedom Fighters to truly stand up and regain control, before we all succumb to tyranny and 'prison' camps. 'THEY' will tell you that is for your best interest that you be encamped within a collective, for protection, but that is just lies and deception, as a function of Neptune in the heavens.

If you have been awakened as yet, you know what is going on and what it's purposes are all about. You can see beyond the polished veneer that has been created to represent the current reality. The question is


What represents your personal reality. The word Maya is actually ILLUSION. Humanity is being called to rise above the illusions that have been crafted for us, while the truth eludes us by determined orchestration.

This powerful transit is long-lasting, with breaks along the way, only to overtake us again; it will be in effect in the background of reality during this next year, and it's influence is apt to last even longer.

As an example:

In my astro counselling I recently received a message from Dancing Dog asking for assistance with his ongoing travails and personal tragedies; 

This is what he said about the year 2013:

2013 has been so bad to me that I am literally shocked I have survived it. So I've had a pretty horrific year (2013) that's left me barely clinging to life.”

In my work as an astro-counsellor, this sentiment has been echoed in multitudes by my personal clients as the year comes to a close. They are looking for inspiration and hope for a better year ahead.

What can I tell them? It has not been a stellar year for me either; it has felt more like being on a runaway train, taking me from one crisis to the next, with barely a chance to breathe in between.

Astrology can provide guidance and assistance about dealing and coping with personal challenges and conflicts, but only for those willing to hear the truth, in the attempt to understand why the universe appears to be 'beating them up.'

I am here to say that there is a purpose, and a plan unfolding for us as individuals. You may prefer to believe in happenstance and coincidence in life, but once you know the codes that reveal your personal journey towards self-realization, you will begin to experience the meanings and purposes of your individual journey.

It was prophesied that 2012 would bring the end of the world in some catastrophic ways. This was very much a misinterpretation. As 2013 ascended, we found ourselves still alive and trying to make some sense and order about the world around us. The real message of the Mayan legend was not about an ending on the physical level, but rather a New Awakening to a significant paradigm-shift of reality. The pole shift that was expected to occur suddenly with devastating effects to the world, did not happen to the degree it was expected; still the pole has shifted to a lesser degree, after the major disaster in Japan.

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster was a catastrophic failure at the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant on 11 March 2011, followed by a major tsunami and continuous aftershocks. And do you really think that the threat of that is over? Think again.

Rather this was a serious call for people to WAKE UP, and evolve to a higher level of awareness and consciousness, instead of the collective being like sleepwalkers through life. And the reverberations through 2013 were continuous and turbulent, to say the least.

Along with the Awakening of the Consciousness, there will be new levels of energy being made available to those who are capable of attuning themselves to the global trends continuing into 2014. Alas though, for many they will continue to live with 'eyes wide shut' and remain unaware of any purpose or meaning to what is happening.

The astrological portents are very clear in detailing the necessary evolution that must take place interms of returning Mother Earth back to a state of balance and conservation; perhaps you can remember the upheavals and riots of the Civil rights movement, in tandem with the subsequent Vietnam War, when these warring factors of chaos and death came together in 1960. And that was quite the party. You have to know your history in order to know where things are heading. IF we don't learn from the past, we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and again; sage advice indeed.

For more information on the current trends taking place, as mentioned above, please continue reading about the Pluto-Uranus influence, regarding the trends for 2014; wishing you a Happy and fruitful New Year. Namaste.