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           Interested in learning about the purpose and meaning of your Life?

Your nativity reveals your overall blueprint for your personal journey throughout your entire life. As the planets continue to circle through your chart, it reflects all the changes you are apt to encounter on your journey to SELF-REALIZATION. You really need to be part of the process of delineating your personal  chart. As a mentor, I can lead you to the water, but I cannot make you drink, and that is the problem with merely having the chart read for you; as such I offer tutoring that is interactive so as to allow you to ask questions if you need clarity on anything, as you learn to dissect the secrets of your birth chart.

In three months you will have a good grasp of how the chart applies to you personally, for as little as $40.00 cdn, whereby you can pay as you go without pressure, via paypal. You ask the questions, I will show you how your chart reflects the issues of most concern to you. I offer this in separate modules to allow you to really get a grasp of how to interpret what is important to you, and then you send me your thoughts and questions about what you have been taught. My questions are designed to ensure that what is being interpreted holds personal meaning to you so that you are not just receiving irrelevant or erroneous info that does not truly apply to you.   

I have a few spaces open in the next three months, so send me your inquires and we can proceed immediately. Please contact me at    You do need to know your full birth data, including time and location for accuracy. And of course all communications are held in the greatest levels of discretion; you need not reveal your real name, but can just use a pseudonym to use...

                                 Make 2016 really count for you.

                                 I look forward to hearing from you.  

                                       Namaste and Blessed be.