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As the New Year unfolds, there are many others like you looking for answers that make sense to yourself, not a thousand other people...

Saying good-bye to a bad bad year...most would agree that recent years have been like an out of control roller-coaster, and for many it meant jumping from one crisis to another. Trying to make sense of it all can be a indomitable challenge, even for the strongest among us. Yet there is a purpose to it all, as a part of a universal plan for reform and evolutionary progress and 'when the going gets tough, the tough have to get going', whether by choice or by force. In life there is a general principle that the Universe hates a void; and we humans are forced to endure change even when it comes without warning; and the need for global change is upon us in a critical way, at this point of humanitarian evolution. You either grow with the changes, and work to create better ways of living, or you get sucked down into the abyss of unconsciousness. We do have to abide by the Law of Cause and Effect in this manifestation, and the evidence is clear by the time lines that play out in our personal lives, which can be plotted in your personal birth chart: this is your nativity and your blueprint for what you are apt to experience in life according to the needs of your Soul. Particular experiences may not be indicated in the chart, but rather it shows the general themes and patterns one is apt to fall into. These generalized themes are set in motion by predetermination, but we still have the power of will to make adjustments and adaptations.

The impact is real, yet the outcomes will be determined largely by your individual reactions in terms of your experiences, and what you decide to do about it. It is a matter of either becoming a victor, or a victim of circumstance in life. We also have the choice of whether to sleepwalk through our life, being a victim of the subconscious; or to use the assets and talents given to us so that we can become more conscious players of this game we have chosen to play. In truth we are here to raise our level of conscious awareness, through trial and error, for otherwise we can never hope to achieve balance, harmony, understanding, compassion, wisdom, equality, and freedom from oppression, tyranny, dictatorship, cruelty, abuse, torture and torment. It is truly a co-operative endeavor that we have been endowed with, but at the rate we are going we will never graduate beyond high school in that matter; it is co-operation and the spirit of generosity and sharing that has largely been lost in the world today. If given the choice would you take the red pill, or the blue one? It is up to you.